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Placement as Print Technician for Muller UK, Packaging Department

Aston Inspired Design Show 2019

Social Media Department, Media Production Department

How To Adopt Sustainable Packaging Solutions Whilst Maintaining Business Growth

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Final Year Project


Pure Essentials is a innovate brand in collaboration with Boots UK created to increase the awareness around recycling plastic. By combining highly desirable products, strong messaging and a stand design crafted for an immersive retail experience Pure Essentials aims to become the catalyst for a cleaner planet in the UK.  

In the UK 58% of waste is NOT recycled, mostly ending up in landfill and polluting our environment. In a survey 76% of people recycled less than 50% of packaging in the bathroom. Change needs to happen! Large corporations such as Boots UK need to use their influence to encourage behaviour change around recycling. Pure Essentials aims to target the growing number of environmentally conscious shopper but also educate and encourage new consumers to live a cleaner, more sustainable life.

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